Social Media Retreat

I’m taking a social media retreat.

On occasion I like to take a social media retreat (in 2013 I took one for the first week of every month, but moving forward I’m going to have them on a less regimented basis). While I am on retreat I will be staying away from Twitter and Facebook but I will be available via email or snail mail (email me for my address), so if you need to contact me try me there.

I will still be blogging while I am on retreat, and sharing those blog posts on social media (parts of that process are automated, parts are not) but I will not be hanging out reading or having conversations. That always feels a little spammy, and I apologise for that, but I haven’t found a better way to balance ‘social media retreat’ with ‘making sure people know about my posts’ yet. Once I do, I’ll tweak my system.

I’ll see you once my retreat is over 🙂

4 thoughts on “Social Media Retreat”

    1. It’s been tough, but at the same time, easier than I expected. Also, I’ve definitely seen an increase in my focus and productivity 🙂

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