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Scarecrow edited by Rhonda ParrishStuffed full of surprises!

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“With fifteen talented writers and a subject that is both evocative and memorable, Rhonda Parrish’s new anthology, Scarecrow, is no straw man. Like any good scarecrow, this anthology is truly outstanding in its field. Don’t be scared to pick this up and give it a read.”
— Steve Vernon, author of Tatterdemon

Hay-men, mommets, tattie bogles, kakashi, tao-tao—whether formed of straw or other materials, the tradition of scarecrows is pervasive in farming cultures around the world. The scarecrow serves as decoy, proxy, and effigy—human but not human. We create them in our image and ask them to protect our crops and by extension our very survival, but we refrain from giving them the things a creation might crave—souls, brains, free-will, love. In Scarecrow, fifteen authors of speculative fiction explore what such creatures might do to gain the things they need or, more dangerously, think they want.

Within these pages, ancient enemies join together to destroy a mad mommet, a scarecrow who is a crow protects solar fields and stores long-lost family secrets, a woman falls in love with a scarecrow, and another becomes one. Encounter scarecrows made of straw, imagination, memory, and robotics while being spirited to Oz, mythological Japan, other planets, and a neighbor’s back garden. After experiencing this book, you’ll never look at a hay-man the same.

Featuring all new work by Jane Yolen, Andrew Bud Adams, Laura Blackwood, Amanda Block, Scott Burtness, Amanda C. Davis, Megan Fennell, Kim Goldberg, Katherine Marzinsky, Craig Pay, Sara Puls, Holly Schofield, Virginia Carraway Stark, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, and Kristina Wojtaszek.

“Rhonda Parrish has assembled a stellar collection that runs the gamut of Urban Fantasy to Weird Fiction. Easily the most consistently satisfying anthology I’ve read in years.”
— K.L. Young, Executive Editor, Strange Aeons Magazine


“Introduction” by Rhonda Parrish
“Scarecrow Hangs” by Jane Yolen
“Kakashi & Crow” by Megan Fennell
“The Roofnight” by Amanda C. Davis
“Skin Map” by Kim Goldberg
“A Fist Full of Straw” by Kristina Wojtaszek
“Judge & Jury” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
“Waking from His Master’s Dream” by Katherine Marzinsky
“The Straw Samurai” by Andrew Bud Adams
“Black Birds” by Laura Blackwood
“Edith and I” by Virginia Carraway Stark
“Scarecrow Progressions (Rubber Duck Remix)” by Sara Puls
“Truth About Crows” by Craig Pay
“Two Steps Forward” by Holly Schofield
“Only the Land Remembers” by Amanda Block
“If I Only Had an Autogenic Cognitive Decision Matrix” by Scott Burtness

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