Magnus E. Magpie’s Corvidae Cawmentaries

YegpieOne of our local magpies here in Edmonton, Magnus E. Magpie, also known as Mr. Yegpie (YEG being the airport code for Edmonton), usually haunts Twitter as the magpie personality @YegMagpie, where he tweets about corvids (particularly magpies), and shares stories of his life as a bird. For this, Yegpie has generously stepped away from Twitter for long enough to provide a tweet-length cawmentary on each contribution to Corvidae.

As you’d expect from a corvid, Mr. Yegpie’s cawmentary is clever and boisterous; he takes delight in preening, pecking at shiny bits, and occasionally cawing over indignities. I’m delighted to share with you his bird’s eye view of the stories and poems in Corvidae.

While none of Yegpie’s cawmentaries contains explicit spoilers, they are mean to be read after the story or poem they reference so if you haven’t yet read Corvidae, I’d suggest doing that first.

In the following weeks I’ll also be running a series of short interviews on my blog, but not just any interviews. In these, Mr. Yegpie is interviewing the contributors of Corvidae and Scarecrow!

Mr. Yegpie’s Cawmentaries:

A Murder of Crows by Jane Yolen
Mr. Yegpie Says: I think there are definitely people in my hometown who would agree that it’s called a murder of crows because they’re always screaming bloody murder!

Whistles and Trills by Kat Otis
I liked this! Lots of running around and chirping and heroism! Also very accurate descriptions of how bossy corvids can be. (It’s a lot.)

The Valravn by Megan Fennell

A Mischief of Seven by Leslie Van Zwol
Good magpie content! A fast-paced, scary noir. And white. Noir and white and blue, really. Also fine use of that rhyme that people use for us magpies. Take that, other corvids with no rhyme!!

Visiting Hours by Michael S. Pack
I liked this too! Corvids come with you lots of places. Sometimes if you want us, sometimes not – but there we are. Wherever you go.

The Rookery of Sainte-Mère-Église by Tim Deal
This was small and perfect, like a shiny. I would take this back to my nest.

The Cruelest Team Will Win by Mike Allen

What Is Owed by C.S.E. Cooney
A whole poem about the properties of magpies! We are tricksy and sneaky and greedy, but we also have some negative qualities.

Raven No More by Adria Laycraft
The moral of the story is, don’t cross a corvid! But if you do, be quick to double-cross us, before you’re screwed.

The Tell-Tale Heart of Existence by Michael M. Rader
I saw the documentary and read the story that this retelling was based on! This is more fun though. Bonus points for mention of doughnuts.

Sanctuary by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
I thought this was going one way and then it went another! Much like a magpie. Very pleased to see corvid intelligence getting its proper due though.

Knife Collection, Blood Museum, Birds (Scarecrow Remix) by Sara Puls
This was my favourite in the whole book! Very dark. Dark like crows at midnight. Darker than that. But a little bit of light too, like crows at midnight.

Flying the Coop by M.L.D. Curelas
Yay, more adventure! If this one was a movie I would watch it. I like that they talked about nuts, too.

Postcards from the Abyss by Jane Yolen
Corvids are always laughing.

Bazyli Conjures a Blackbird by Mark Rapacz
A brand new Russian fairytale! Like a stolen chapter out of War and Peace! Needed more magpie.

Seven for a Secret by Megan Engelhardt
A cracking good yarn with the most important characters (us) being shown the respect we deserve!

Flight by Angela Slatter
Another great, scary fairy tale, where corvid courage and cleverness wins the day!


Mr. Yegpie’s Contributor Interviews:

Coming soon!

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