Eerie Edmonton

Eerie Edmonton

It’s here! It’s here!

As of today Eerie Edmonton is available as both paperback and treeless versions everywhere.

Here’s the official description:

An exploration of the spooky side of Edmonton.

Full of ghosts and strange sights, Edmonton is a place rich in the paranormal. Or is it? Are there really spirits that lurk around Fort Edmonton and the provincial legislature? Do ghosts really haunt the halls of the University of Alberta, rushing off to classes that have long finished? Can paranormal echoes of the dark history of Charles Camsell Hospital still be felt within its walls today? What about the stories of the phantoms that loiter around the graveyards, bars, schools, and pools of the city?

In this collection of more than forty stories, Eerie Edmonton reveals the truth in the tales people tell and shines a spotlight on the city’s dark shadows and colourful past. Join Rhonda Parrish and Rona Anderson as they compare personal accounts of hauntings and paranormal activity with documented history and their own on-the-ground investigations.

I wanted to write this book to follow up on what Mark Leslie and I did with Haunted Hospitals. While I was researching Haunted Hospitals I met Rona Anderson and her husband Ben. They were a lot of fun to talk to and I remember thinking, “They have enough stories to fill a book…”

That’s where it started.

Working with Rona and several other people who have experienced unexplainable things in and around Edmonton I put together a collection of real ghost stories, told by the people who saw and experienced them (none of this friend of a friend of my sister’s dog stuff). I also researched the history of those haunted locations to try and see if there was a correlation to be found between documented history and what people believed were paranormal experiences.

It was a lot of work. A lot, a lot LOL But through it I came to know my city better and I also got to meet and get to know several awesome people. Together I think we created something fun, interesting and also informative.

If you’d like a copy to see for yourself pick one up online at the locations below, or ask your local library to order one in 🙂

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From the Publisher




“Eerie Edmonton is a fantastic addition to any ghost story lover’s library, filled with humour, honesty, and creepinesss a-plenty. Parrish frames all the stories with good-humour and common sense, which seems counterintuitive for a paranormal book, but in fact, heightens the feeling of possibility and what-ifs. Whether you’re a proclaimed skeptic or a die-hard believer, Eerie Edmonton gives you good reason—and a great list of places—to explore precisely why we love ghost stories so much.”

SG Wong, acclaimed crime & speculative fiction author and lover of ghost stories

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