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So Many Snowmen

Every year as part of putting together the blog tour and fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank, I get to make the blog graphics. Those graphics decide my colour scheme for the tour. I always try to make it not too Christmas specific because not everyone celebrates that holiday, so then what theme would I choose? Will it be green and fir-centric? Red and filled with bows?

This year I thought, “Why not snowmen?”

And then, as I was poking around through stock art to find some images to plop text onto, I was impressed by the great variety of styles of snowmen.

So then I thought, why not have a snowman drawing contest?

So I did.

The contest is open to entries until December 15th. All the details are here https://www.patreon.com/posts/snowman-drawing-31876321

But here are some of the entries that have come in so far. In no particular order:

And of course:

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