Santa Magic

Dear Santa (2019)

Santa Magic

Each year since 2011 I have written a letter to Santa Claus and shared it on my blog. Please note that this is not an actual Wishlist that I want my friends to buy me things from, it’s just for fun.

Dear Santa,

I was really good this year, Santa.  Honestly. I tried to be kind and helpful. I worked really hard, and supported my friends and families the very best I could. It’s been a difficult year for so many people, including us, but I’ve done everything I can to make my corner of the world a better place.


For Christmas this year I would really like:

  • A new Oilers jersey. Unfortunately, the one I have is Cam Talbot’s, and he doesn’t play for us anymore.

    I’ve spent a very long time thinking about this and I think I would like 4 — Kris Russell’s jersey. It wasn’t an easy choice… my original list included 97, 29, 44 and 4. But here’s the thing. Everyone is gonna have 97 and 29 — those two are no-brainers. In the sea of Oilers fans they aren’t even a blip on the radar. But while Kassian (44) and Russell(4) aren’t superstars in the way that McDavid and Draisaitl are, they are pretty stinking awesome. And not just because of how they play on the ice — though that too — but even though I’ve never met them I feel like I know something of their character, and I really admire them both.

    I eventually decided on 4 instead of 44 for a couple reasons, but one of them was that the game after taking a shot to the head that required him to have stitches to his ear, Russell was back on the ice blocking shots. And that kind of toughness is next level and deserves some appreciation.

  • I also want a Marc-Andre Fleury jersey. Yeah, I know he plays for Vegas not Edmonton, but, well, Vegas is kinda my side team and I’m a pretty big Fleury fan-girl.
  • I realllly need a new whiteboard, please. The one I’ve been using for the past couple years is getting pretty stained. I mean, an alternative would be some sort of whiteboard cleaner that would clean these stains away but I have tried everything I can think of to no avail.
  • I still want to try this bourbon, and I still haven’t. So if you could sneak a bottle into my stocking that would be awesome.
  • You know those baseboard transition things I asked for in 2011? Well, they would be awesome. At this rate we’re going to re-do the floors again before we manage to get them installed.
  • Finally, I would really, really love to have a successful Giftmas Fundraiser. Our goal this year is $1000 and if you don’t think that’s terrifying me you don’t know me at all. If we can raise $1000 that will be 3,000 meals for struggling families and that would mean the world to me. If you could spare a little magic to help make it happen I would really appreciate it.

Thank you, Santa. Merry Giftmas!




If you would like to support our Giftmas Fundraiser and donate to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank  you can do that here:

And if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, here are some important links that will help you catch up to all the things that are going on, and why I hope you’ll want to help 🙂

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Check out or enter the draw to win awesome stuff:

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